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Eulogy for Thea

Yesterday, Thea, the smallest archer in the aquarium, jumped out of the aquarium through a small crack I never thought she would fit through. I had found a buyer for all three yesterday only to find Thea under the table dried and hard as a rock.

Lately I have had a cricket problem. I don't know where they are coming from or why they have invaded my house. I have been capturing them and feeding them to the archers. In a strange turn of events, the crickets got their turn at the archers yesterday. They found the fallen defenseless warrior and ate her eye balls and fins. I can only hope she had already passed when they found her.

I buried her next to Harambe, Hughes, Jacques, Arbutus, Dick, Tim, and Selena under a potted plant. I put small pennies over her eyes as payment for Charon. She will go blind into the underworld but at least she wont wander as a wraith by the river Styx.

I'd like to end this eulogy with a poem I wrote for her. A song for a hero that went the distance:

(cue instrumental "I can go the Distance" from the Disney movie Hercules)

Hear Orpheus charm all living things.

A song for the deceased that fade from earthly sight, Declare to the silent earth: Behold a mighty warrior has died in the fight.

In life she was an archer, In death she goes with her quiver Her bow and her arrows in hand Her fins deep in the sand

At the boundary of the land of the living and the dead

She stands with bow in hand By the river Styx she travels and waits for Charon With payment in pocket in a shore laid barren

Oh how the great have fallen even with great name

Even the mighty warriors with great fame A mistake in judgment to jump through the crack

To land out of water flat on her back

Out of the water her fins dried in the drought

Then the crickets came and ate her eye balls out Oh fair Thea may you never wanter as a wraith Cross the river Styx and find peace

But if you find yourself by the river Lethe Drink from its waters that memory may cease Go into the next life, you have deceased For all living things this is the ultimate release.

Farewell mighty warrior. Farewell

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